Tru Plano Dental near Addison, TX, gives help to Addison families needing oral care. Our latest dental technologies and highly qualified team ensure great oral health for all our patients, while our dental services include preventive, cosmetic, sedation, restorative, and emergency dentistry in Plano.

About Our Cosmetic and General Dental Services in Addison, TX:

Among the reasons why people develop gum disease, decay, or lose their teeth is because they don’t adequately clean their teeth and gums. Some dental issues may remain undetected in the mouth, where they continue to jeopardize your oral and general health. We emphasize exams and cleanings in Plano, TX, since they form the foundation for healthy and strong smiles. We provide fillings, root canal treatments, and crowns to combat tooth infections and protect the teeth.

Additionally, we provide teeth whitening to spruce up the look of discolored or stained teeth. For stubborn stains and chippings or small fractures, we can fit veneers to hide these imperfections.

If you are among the patients who fear visiting dentists, our sedation dentistry gives you relief since you can get the dental treatment you need without worrying about pain or discomfort.

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We offer emergency care for patients near Addison, TX, who encounter dental emergencies, including toothaches, abscesses, and knocked-out teeth. Visit us today!

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