Tru Plano Dental is the office you can rely on for your oral care needs. Our dentist has invested in modern equipment and technologies, and our expert Dentist in Murphy, TX, is highly qualified to perform various procedures.

Comprehensive Dental Services at Our Dental Office Near You:

Preventive Dentistry – We know that preventing dental issues before they arise is the best approach to dentistry. We place dental sealants, perform exams and cleanings, conduct fluoride treatment, and educate our patients on oral health habits.

Restorative Dentistry – Our dentists in Murphy, TX, provide procedures such as fillings, inlays and onlays, tooth crowns, and root canal therapy.

Cosmetic Dentistry – These include Invisalign®, whitening treatment, and veneers for an enhanced smile.

Pediatric Dentistry – We take your kids’ oral care needs by doing exams and cleanings, sealants, crowns, fillings, and oral hygiene teaching.

Emergency Dentistry – Whenever emergencies like fractured, broken, badly chipped teeth or knocked out teeth arise, come to us for treatment. Our emergency dentists are available on weekends and after work hours to handle emergency care needs.

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