The team at Tru Plano Dental will walk with you on the journey of maintaining proper oral health.

Our Dentists near you in Richardson, TX, have the mission is to make sure that you have optimal oral care in a friendly environment. We take care of oral issues of all patients, including kids, adults, and elderly patients.

Our dental office in Plano, TX, has the latest equipment to foster efficacy in diagnosis and treatment and ensure comfort and speedy recovery. Our oral care services include:

Family Dental Services at Dental Clinic Near You:

Preventive Care – We provide enamel sealants and fluoride application to protect the teeth. We inspect gums and teeth regularly and clean the mouth to ward off bacterial plaque, food leftovers, and tartar.

Restorative Dentistry – Our dentists near you in Richardson provide treatments like root canals, dental fillings, crowns, implants, dentures, or bridges.

Emergency Dentistry – We are available on weekends and other hours when other dental offices are closed to address your dental emergencies, including knocked-out or fractured teeth and abscesses.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Our Cosmetic Dentist Near You provides Invisalign® for straightening, veneers, and teeth whitening to enhance the appearance of your smile.

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