Do Dentists Charge More For Emergency Appointments? Here's What You Need To Know

Do Dentists Charge More For Emergency Appointments? Here's What You Need To Know

August 1, 2022

No one ever expects emergencies, but this occasionally happens. The best way to prepare for a dental emergency is by gaining as much information about the types of problems that qualify for an emergency, the costs, time and frame, and any other repercussions.

In the case of a dental emergency, knowing what to expect can help soften the impacts of the emergency itself, especially with its costs. Some things may affect the cost of the emergency dental procedures such as the office’s location, the severity of your emergency and the number of teeth involved. This article will help you understand what emergency appointments are and if dentists charge more for emergency appointments.

What is An Emergency Appointment?

An emergency appointment is an appointment that involves you seeing a doctor quickly. For dentistry, a dental problem that qualifies as an emergency needs immediate medical attention.

What Are The Most Common Emergencies?

Some of the most common dental problems that need emergency dental care in Plano include:

  • Toothache
  • Bleeding gums or teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • chipped broken tooth
  • Broken jaw
  • Missing or loose dental restoration

How Much Do Dentists Charge For Emergency Appointments?

Unfortunately, if you need an emergency dentist in Plano, the bills will probably be higher than when you are seeing your regular dentist. Your location can also play a huge role in the cost. If you live in large cities or coastal areas, it will be a bit more expensive. If your area has a high cost of living, your costs might be higher. However, dental insurance can significantly decrease the cost of your procedure. The estimated costs listed below are without insurance.

Root canals are typical and expensive procedures. The location in your mouth also greatly matters when considering a root canal. Front teeth are typically the least expensive to treat and may cost between $700-$900. The back teeth may be more expensive and go for $ 1000-$1200. The other major consideration related to price is the severity of the issue. A more severe infection requires a more extensive procedure.

Another common dental procedure during an emergency visit is tooth extraction. These can be a result of a severely broken or cracked tooth. The type of extraction will determine how the costs will be. If you are vale to have an extraction by using local anesthesia, the cost will typically be between $75-$300. If your extraction requires that you are anesthetized to remove your tooth, the cost may be typically between $200-$600.

Other procedures that sometimes have to be done during an emergency appointment include dental crowns and fillings. If you need a filling because you have a crack in your tooth or minimal damage, the cost can typically be between $100 and $250. Dental crowns are, however, more expensive. A dental crown may be sued if a tooth is broken but can be saved. Crowns can typically cost between $1200 and $1400.

Do All Dentists Charge More For Emergency Appointments?

The price of emergency dental appointments does not differ whether you have a pre-planned or not. A crown is a crown, whether it’s a dental emergency or not. However, your treatment needs may be greater if you wait until you are in pain. It may go without saying, but if you catch the cavity while it is small, you may need a filling.

Pain is usually a sign that the damage is too expensive, so a lot of time, a toothache does not signify that something more might be needed, like a crown or a root canal. However, these procedures are more intensive and thus more expensive than filling. So rather than delay your treatment till it hurts, you should try and get a dental office that creates financial arrangements, offers some financing, or provides affordable dentistry like Tru Plano Dental.

Some offices may charge for premium time slots. Some have spaces for emergency dental needs, as your dentist in Plano does not want someone to wait in pain. There is no extra charge to take one of the spots. However, you need only one phone call in advance to find out what time your dentist will be available.

However, other practices with extended hours will charge you for a space during those extended hours, such as evening or weekend appointments.

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