Dental Fillings in Plano, TX

Tru Plano Dental can do a great job filling your cavities in Plano, TX. This is one of the most common dental procedures, but it still requires expertise and precision. Dr. Maryam Danyali has years of experience with this particular dental process and can provide a swift solution to your issue.

What Does The Tooth Filling Procedure Look Like?

The dentistry near you can perform this fix in less than an hour. In some cases, our dentist in Plano, TX will take x-rays in order to establish the extent of the problem.

Before Tru Plano Dental can start filling the cavities, a patient will receive anesthesia. This will numb teeth, gums, and the whole surrounding area. The cavity filling can be very unpleasant, and you want to feel as little as possible.

Once the anesthesia kicks in, Dr. Maryam Danyali will drill a hole in the affected tooth. When the hole is big enough, the dental professional will fill it, which will take just a few brief minutes.

Fillings Types – Metal, Amalgam, Ceramic, Composite Fillings

Choosing the filling is very important. A patient needs to explore both the esthetic and functional side of filling. Some of the materials are very resilient, but they don’t look good. Others are much weaker but will not affect the beauty of your smile

  • Metal fillings are the most common ones in the world. Basically, a dentist will take either gold or silver and fill the cavity with it. These fillings can last for at least ten years before you even consider changing them.
  • Amalgam fillings are great for molars. They combine several different metals and are easy to stop when you smile. However, they are the cheapest option.
  • Ceramic fillings are popular because you can color them in the color of your teeth. They are the least noticeable option, but they are not as strong as some other alternatives.
  • Composite materials can also be adapted to the color of your tooth. They perform much better when you have a smaller hole and in areas where you don’t have to chew a lot (front teeth, for example).

If you’re looking for dental fillings near you, make sure to contact our clinic!

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