Dental Implants Plano, TX

Dental implants in Plano represent the basis of prosthetic dentistry. As one of the best dentists near you, Dr. Maryam Danyali replaces teeth almost every day, ensuring that our patient’s smiles are as amazing as ever.

An implant is a special fixture that is put deep into the jawbone. In the following months, the implant will become one with the bone. It works by replacing the root, and thus, it represents the basis for a new tooth that will soon be placed.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Plano, TX, you need to make sure they can do this procedure properly. If a tooth implant is done right, the tooth will fuse to the jawbone, which will provide additional stability and strength.

Plano Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

These implants can be used for one or several teeth. Besides improving your visual appearance, dental implants in Plano are crucial for functionality and proper bite.

There are several things dental implants can help you with:

  • Improve how your jawline and teeth look.
  • Eliminate discomfort and improve your speech.
  • Boost confidence.
  • It becomes easier to eat.
  • Improved dental and overall health.
  • Unlike some other options, dental implants are very durable and will last for years.

Looking for Dental Implants in Plano? Trust Our Expert Team

When you visit Tru Plano Dental, Dr. Maryam Danyali will ask a few questions about the overall state of your health. If you’re suitable for dental surgery, you can also get dental implants treatment in Plano. It is very important that the patient’s gums and underlying bone are in good shape.

Before going through the procedure, a person will have to undergo several checkups. People who have certain chronic disorders, issues with heart, or heavy smokers, will have to be evaluated beforehand. A patient needs to be very transparent when talking to a dentist.

Although Plano tooth implants can last for numerous years and provide a long-term solution, the procedure will not always be a success. The biggest issue is the location of the implants. Certain areas are hard to get to, which might cause issues during the process. Generally speaking, the success rate of the procedure is about 98%.

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