General Dentistry in Plano, TX

We are your trusted dental clinic in Plano. Our team strives to make your trips to our dental office a positive experience. Dental health problems can threaten your general health. We aim to catch oral issues before they take hold of your mouth. For that reason, our general dentist in Plano specializes in preventive care. We also educate you on concrete ways to keep up-to-date with your oral hygiene and prevent oral diseases.

Expert Team of General Dentists in Plano, TX

Our Plano general dentistry practice has a qualified, experienced, and dedicated dental team to make every patient at ease and delivery comprehensive dental care. Our general dentistry services include the following:

Regular Exams & Cleanings – We check for oral problems you might not see or feel. Our dentist will look for cracks, cavities, and decay. Besides, we inspect your mouth for gingivitis and indicators of periodontal disease. You will not leave our office without undergoing a thorough mouth cleaning known as prophylaxis.

Extractions – If we cannot salvage a diseased, decayed, or damaged tooth, we extract it. However, extraction comes only as the last option. Our dentist does everything to try to save your tooth.

Bonding – This versatile treatment allows us to provide a conservative repair of chipped, cracked, stained, and fractured teeth.

Bridges – We do tooth bridges to replace lost teeth and give you back a functional and beautiful smile.

Crowns – Our crown placement helps improve a tooth’s shape or strengthen it if it’s weak.

Fillings – When your tooth gets cavitated, we can repair it with dental filling materials to reclaim its functionality and strength.

Root Canal Therapy – We do root canal treatment for teeth that have suffered pulp infection or damage. This way, we can save the teeth and eliminate the infection.

Whether you need root canal therapy after your tooth suffers pulp damage or infection or want routine checks and screening, our dentist is available to give the best care.

Advanced Dental Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs

We provide our family dentistry services keeping in mind your unique needs—the latest dental technologies back our general dentistry treatments for accurate and quicker treatment and recovery. Our dental clinic provides advanced dental treatments, including dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction, and root canal therapy.

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For all your family’s oral care needs, contact us. Visit our dental office to speak to our dentist because we care about your oral health. We are committed to ensuring that you maintain healthy, functional, and good-looking smiles at our Plano general dentistry practice.

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