Oral Cancer Screenings Plano, TX

When doing oral cancer screening near you, a dentist will perform a visual or a physical exam. Like with any potential cancer, the point is to determine if there are any concerning signs.

The good thing about oral cancer screening in Plano, TX is that you can do them relatively quickly. In fact, these exams take as much time as brushing teeth does. When you visit Tru Plano Dental, one of our experts will check the oral cavities as well as the connected tissue. The emphasis will be on areas such as sinuses, pharynx, larynx, and throat.

Dr. Maryam Danyali will make sure there are no immediate issues or anything else that can pose a concern.

Physical Exam For Early Detection of Oral Cancer

During a physical exam for oral cancer, Dr. Maryam Danyali will touch your whole face, neck, and mouth to determine if there are some lumps or other, unnatural growths.

The physical exam is much more telling than the visual exam as it can help detect small growth that our eyes cannot see. If you perform this checkup regularly, you can detect cancer as soon as it affects you. Even if you do experience early-stage cancer, our dentist will make sure that the problem doesn’t escalate and that it is treated as soon as possible.

Visual exam

The visual exam is the less reliable alternative. During this process, Dr. Maryam Danyali will look for any signs of change. A patient will need to remove any dental appliances or anything else held within the mouth that can interfere with screening.

Our medical expert will change the inside of your mouth. The main focus will be on bumps and swellings, but also asymmetries, discoloration, and other abnormalities. A lot of different things can indicate oral cancer, so the experts need to be on top of their game.

In order to perform the exam, the professional will need a light and a mirror. In most cases, the dentist will also rely on equipment that will hold down the tongue. The most troublesome thing for a professional is to see deep inside the mouth.

Whether you need a visual or physical exam, Tru Plano Dental can provide the necessary assistance.

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