Partials & Full Dentures Plano, TX

Dentures are used as a replacement when there is missing tissue in your mouth or a missing tooth. When visiting a dentist near you, a person can get either complete or partial dentures. Regardless of the type, Tru Plano Dental can help you out!

Complete dentures are much more complex and demanding. They are utilized in rare cases when all patient’s teeth are missing. On the other hand, Dr. Maryam Danyali will place partial ones when there are a few teeth still remaining.

Complete Dentures in Plano, TX

Complete dentures can be further categorized into convention and immediate. Conventional ones are used when Dr. Maryam Danyali has removed all the remaining teeth, and your gums have slowly begun healing. Our dentist in Plano, TX will put conventional dentures eight to twelve weeks after the removal of all teeth.

Immediate dentures are premade. When going with this procedure, a dentist won’t have to wait for several weeks to place them. Instead, immediate dentures can be used as soon as teeth are removed. This makes it much simpler for the patient as they don’t have to struggle for several weeks without teeth.

Unfortunately, the problem with immediate dentures is that they don’t allow the gums to heal. Bones and gums will reduce in size, which means that you will need to redo dentures somewhere along the way. Basically, these dentures are a temporary solution that will patch the problem as you wait for complete dentures.

Partial Dentures in Plano, TX

Partial dentures can be removed unlike complete dentures. When you visit Dr. Maryam Danyali, the health professional will check the state of your teeth and suggest one or another option.

Removable dentures have replacement teeth that are placed on a pink plastic base. There might also be a metal framework that holds everything together. These dentures are utilized when a patient has one or several teeth remaining.

Important thing to note about partial dentures is that its function goes beyond replacing missing teeth. They are also utilized to prevent movement of remaining teeth and fix them into place. These prosthetics have attachments instead of clasps. With them, dentures can hold onto nearby crowns.

Tru Plano Dental in Plano, TX can help you with dentures so make sure to visit us today!

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