Root Canal Therapy Plano, TX

If you wish to perform root canal therapy near you, there aren’t many better places than Tru Plano Dental. Our specialized team will perform this endodontic therapy at the highest level, ensuring that you don’t have to visit a health specialist for a while.

During root canal therapy, a dentist in Plano, TX will remove an infection from deep within your tooth. Not only does root canal address current issues, but it also prevents infections from occurring in the near future. The procedure focuses on the pulp of the tooth and, contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t painful.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal actually refers to a part of a tooth. This is a hollow within the tooth that has numerous nerve endings, blood vessels, and other types of cells. We also refer to it as pulp. It is a crucial part of the tooth that allows us to feel the difference between hot and cold, as well as understand other sensations.

Every tooth has roots and a crown. As you well know, the root is the part that is attached the tooth to the jawbone. Crown is everything that is above the gums. When we say that we’re getting a root canal, it actually means that we’re treating the area inside the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment From Professionals in Plano

A root canal is one of the more common procedures that you can do at Tru Plano Dental. It is used to address injured or infected teeth, and it is the best way to prevent losing them. When a tooth is negatively affected, it doesn’t have the ability to regenerate itself. The tissue will be affected by this change and will slowly die out. So, you need to address the problem before it causes further damage.

A problem might occur if a patient has a deep cavity, has lost filling, or has a cracked or chipped tooth. These holes provide an entrance for bacteria to penetrate the inside of the tooth. Microbes will start eating away the healthy tissue and, if the problem escalates, even the underlying bone can be affected.

In order to prevent loss of the tooth, you need to visit Tru Plano Dental in Plano, TX as soon as you notice any changes.

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