Tooth Extraction in Plano, TX

There are several great dental offices that can perform a tooth extraction in Plano, TX. However, no one can compare with Tru Plano Dental in terms of pricing and quality.

Given that tooth extraction is such a sensitive procedure, you would prefer someone who can do it quickly and painlessly. This is where Tru Plano Dental comes into play.

Tooth Extraction Specialist Near You

This is a process during which Tru Plano Dental located in Plano, TX will remove the whole tooth from its socket. It is a very stressful procedure for patients due to pain, and the fact that you’re losing the whole tooth. Even with strong sedation, you will probably feel the pressure on your jaw.

Procedures such as this are why most people fear the dentist. But, if the process is done by experienced veterans from Tru Plano Dental, there is much less to worry about.

When Do You Need a Tooth Removal Treatment in Plano?

Usually, a person can repair a chipped or a damaged tooth. You can even fill them in case of cavities. But, when the issue is too severe, you can only address it by removing the whole tooth. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might need a tooth extraction in Plano, TX:

  • Severe injury to tooth or gums
  • Your teeth are too big for the mouth
  • Serious infection or decay that has gone far into the tooth
  • Removal of baby teeth of wisdom teeth

How do you extract teeth?

Our experts will utilize one of two processes for tooth removal:

  • During simple removal, a professional will take out a visible tooth. In most cases, dental professionals will perform this kind of procedure. The whole area will have to be sedated, and then the dentist will take an instrument that would allow loosening of the tooth and subsequent extraction.
  • Surgical extraction is much harder to execute. It is done when a dentist cannot see your tooth. This might happen because a big chunk of the tooth has been broken, or it simply might not be visible. During a surgical extraction, a dental expert will need to make a cut into your gums in order to access the hidden tooth and remove it.

No matter which procedure you need, our leading dentists in Plano can do an amazing job!

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