Why Is a Dental Checkup in the New Year Essential for You and Your Family?

Why Is a Dental Checkup in the New Year Essential for You and Your Family?

January 11, 2023

A routine dental checkup every six months is essential for everyone, regardless of the time of the year. However, the need for dental checkups increases significantly when the New Year arrives. If you wonder what is unique about the arrival of the new year to schedule a dental checkup for you and your family, you probably forget how you ended the year passing by, thinking nothing exceptional has occurred with your and your family’s teeth.

This article talks about why you need a dental checkup with the arrival of the new year and how it ensures you maintain your dental and overall health in optimal shape for 2023. Kindly read for more details.

The Importance of a Dental Checkup after 2022 Ends

As 2022 comes to a close, you spend time with your family enjoying festivities like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the arrival of 2023, feasting on foods and beverages you think are justified without considering how your teeth dread the time, and your mouth bacteria enjoy themselves with you. Unfortunately, the end of the year is also when you or your family members are more likely to neglect dental hygiene while concentrating on enjoying the foods and beverages besides the festive atmosphere.

Your neglected dental hygiene reacts in the cooler atmosphere to make you susceptible to infections you wouldn’t want, making it essential to receive treatments for them instead of using a preventive measure to avoid them before they occur. The significance of dental checkups in Plano, TX, gains prominence as a preventive measure for your family’s dental health and needs attention immediately without delay.

The Benefits of a Dental Checkup

Dental checkups at any time enable the professionals from the Plano dental office to examine your family’s teeth and gums comprehensively to determine whether infections manifest in your mouth and treat them immediately before the aggregate.

For example, a kid might have micro-cavities on or between teeth that dentists detect by taking x-rays. When professionals identify the problem, they suggest filling the cavity with composite resin fillings to prevent needing intensive treatments later.

Similarly, if you haven’t noticed inflammation of the gums or bleeding from your teeth and brushing and flossing, dentists can identify the presence of gum disease in your mouth to recommend a deep cleaning and changes to your dental hygiene routine to inhibit the condition in its tracks before it expands to moderate or aggressive periodontitis.

Besides the above, dentists discuss the benefits of having a healthy diet with your entire family by cutting sugar intake and including simple carbohydrates to receive essential vitamins that your teeth need to remain in optimal shape.

Kindly do not presume your family doesn’t need dental checkups because everyone does. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body, and the bacteria within can spread to it by entering your bloodstream. Dental and mouth infections detected promptly prevent your mouth bacteria from entering your bloodstream, creating complications that might require treatment from different medical professionals.

If you possess dental insurance, your provider covers two dental checkups every year with the policy. Therefore the checkup will not cost you anything but provides peace of mind knowing that your dental and overall health is in prime shape. The benefit extends to your family when you have them accompany you to the Plano dental office for a routine exam and cleaning, leaving all family members with a brighter smile because everyone receives a dental polishing after the cleaning to remove plaque and tartar deposits on and between your teeth. Dental exams and cleanings have many benefits you can avail of without exceptions for yourself and your family. The meeting with the dentists will end within the hour with a reminder to revisit them in six months to receive another dental checkup for your teeth, gums, and general health.

Schedule your dental checkup today!

If you still need to schedule your appointment for a dental checkup, we suggest you do it today by contacting Tru Plano Dental for your entire family. You will do your family’s teeth and health a favor by receiving the dental checkup and helping them enjoy the oncoming year without concerns of dental infections and prepared to enjoy themselves with you without inhibitions.

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